Wednesday, April 6, 2011

People and papers for July

Below is a list of the delegates to Mapping the Magazine 3 (in alphabetical order!), their affiliation and a very, very brief summary of the topic.

I will post more details of subject matter, especially the Round Table, a bold innovation for MtM3.

  1. Henrik Bødker Aarhus Round table
  2. Kayt Davies Edith Cowan Magazine Editors (via Skype)
  3. Sandra Gabriele Concordia Round Table
  4. Fiona Giles Sydney Aesthetic Experience Online
  5. Ian Hargreaves Cardiff Digital Economy & Magazines
  6. Andrew Hobbs UCLan Provincial magazines
  7. Samir Husni Mississippi Cableization of magazines
  8. Mehita Iqani Kings College Consumer Magazine Covers
  9. Sammye Johnson Trinity San Antonio Feminist publishing models
  10. Belinda Johnson Freelance Indie mags in print
  11. Megan Le Masurier Sydney Indie magazines
  12. Giulio Lizzi Lugano Travel Channels Online (TV)
  13. Pablo Lopez Rabadan Jaume 1 Specialist: Le Monde
  14. Paul S Moore Ryerson Round Table
  15. James Mussell Birmingham Victorian magazines
  16. Sonja Narunsky Laden Johannesburg
  17. Mel Nichols Haymarket The new Car journalism
  18. Terry Parry UPM The Power of Paper
  19. Laura Saarenmaa Tampere Women's Mags, General election in Finland
  20. Will Straw McGill Round Table
  21. Rominia Surugiu Bucarest Men's mags in Romania
  22. Maija/Merja Toyry/Helle Aalto, Helsinki Editorial work processes
  23. Darren Wershler Concordia Round Table
  24. Hanna Weselius Aalto, Helsinki Editorial Portrait Production
With 24 papers to get through in two working days (single room, no parallel sessions), plus question time, coffee breaks, lunches and a dinner on Thursday evening that promises to be a bit special  (more details soon), we will have to be self-disciplined about keeping to time and not rely on the chair(s) to keep us in order.

I will circulate guidelines for submission of papers and presentation shortly.

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