Friday, May 20, 2011

Greetings from Cardiff.

The online payment system for Mapping The Magazine 3 is now up and running. It can be found at

We would be grateful if as many of you as possible could register and pay before the conference.

Housekeeping: Presentation and Papers

We have a fair amount to pack in to our two days, so I am asking that presentations are kept to around 20 minutes. The presentation should be a summary of your paper rather than a verbatim reading of it. I will be scheduling the sessions based on this timing and any over-runs will cut into discussion time and/or coffee-and-comfort breaks.

I propose that everyone submits working papers – that is, the written material does not have to be in its final, polished, journal-ready form (although fully finished papers will, of course, be very welcome).

I further propose that these papers are included in an online Proceedings that will be hosted on Cardiff School of Journalism’s website. These will certainly be made available to all delegates but there is also the option to make them accessible to all comers. The latter would be my preference, with suitable caveats about the “working” condition of the material, and it could have the useful benefit of attracting further debate and feedback. I cannot imagine many trolls infiltrating these pages.

DEADLINE: The final deadline for working papers will be July 8 but anyone who has material ready before then is welcome to submit it beforehand.

Likewise, anyone who would like handouts, please get the material to me as far in advance as possible so I can photocopy it.

Papers should be in Word, with Harvard referencing. It would be nice to have a common style (font, size, titles, etc) and I will send around a model format in the near future. As these are working papers there is no word limit. Any illustrations must be copyright free or used under an appropriate Creative Commons licence.

Housekeeping: Tweets , etc
If you are thinking of tweeting proceedings, great. Can I suggest that we adopt the hashtag #mtm3.

Housekeeping: Dinner
If my plans come to fruition , the conference dinner will be provided in the Cardiff School of Journalism by a local pop-up caterer. It will have a Welsh theme, produce will be locally sourced – and vegetarian. Carnivores are welcome to bring their own supplies of biltong or jerky. I am trying to get a sponsor for wine but again everyone is welcome to bring their own bottle(s).

Post-dinner entertainment will be provided by you and me – a small PA and guitars will be available for an open mic session, so brush up on those chord shapes.

Does anyone object if I get the abstracts put on to a web page, along with contact details for the author?

All best wishes and looking forward to July 7,


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