Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MtM3: More Papers

It's never good to start with an apology but sincerest imaginable to the people whose papers got left out of the previous list of delegates to Mapping the Magazine 3.

To wit:

Amy Binns, UCLan: Don't Feed The Trolls
Andy Brown, Bath Spa: Raunchy, Girly, Rock Bitch and Lavender
Susan Currie Sivek, California SU, Fresno: Digital Activist Magazines
Clare Cook (co-presenting with Cathy Darby), UCLan: County Magazines

In addition to this, I have invited some special guests and particular friends of the Magazine Journalism courses at Cardiff University to speak on magazine topics:

Mel Nichols, former Editorial Director at Haymarket Publishing, will present a paper on the literary influences that he introduced to Car magazine when he was editor.

Terry Parry, Head of Technical Sales and Development at UPM-Kymmene (UK) Ltd, will give a presentation on the potential of paper and print to enhance the magazine experience.

Nick Brett, deputy MD of BBC Magazines and Honorary Professor of Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University, will act as our genial host over the two days.

All in all that makes a total of 30 papers in two days, so we're going to be busy.

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