Friday, June 17, 2011

Housekeeping: formats, accommodation, booking

The pioneering paper submission has come from Amy Binns, who kindly agreed to set the format for us all to follow.

This is what she chose:

In order to make it as easy as possible to replicate, I have stuck to styles readily available on Word, so the margins are Word standard. The font is Georgia body 11 pt, double spaced except for long quotes which are single spaced, and references which are 1.15.The header is the Exposure choice, using my own name instead of the date, clicking the "different for first page" option to remove it from the title page.The page number is Bottom of page, Plain number 2.Title page is centred, Georgia, title (26 pt), subtitle (16pt italic), author (14pt), Mapping the Magazine 3, Cardiff University 2011, 16 pt. Subheadings are 16pt centered, secondary subheadings are 14 pt, left justified.

Please follow this for your own submissions as and when.

I am still working on the actual schedules for the two days but I can say now that the likely start time for the first day is 9.30am and the likely finish time for the second day will be between 4 and 5pm depending on how well people stick to the 20 minute rule, how many questions arise and whether there are any technological glitches.

The best way to find and select accommodation is to consult the Visit Cardiff accommodation pages and cross-reference with TripAdvisor. For mapping purposes, the Bute Building (our venue) postcode is CF10 3NB.

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